Annie C. Nelson
Annie and Dax

Annie Nelson, B.S., Pug Enthusiast

Annie Nelson is a self-proclaimed nerd and comic book enthusiast. As the third child and only girl in her family, she rocked hand-me-down Mighty Ducks t-shirts and a vibrant blonde bowl-cut. Over the course of her last two years of high school, Annie discovered her passion for computers and art. Her first dabble in media was a speech project titled Zombie Away. As a junior, she won the Society of Women Engineer’s award for excellence in math and science. Annie decided to combine her love for art with her math abilities and pursue a degree in web development. During her senior year, she took college classes at the local community college. Annie made many friends, memories, and jokes during her time there. After her graduation from high school, she attended Minnesota State University Moorhead, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communications with an emphasis in Interactive Multimedia and a minor in Marketing in three short years. This was mostly possible due to her organization and motivation to graduate with as little debt as possible. Annie graduated Summa Cum Laude, and has since been searching for a job in the Greater Atlanta Area. Since moving to Georgia, Annie has taken up kayaking and woodworking. She is an avid baseball fan and is currently learning how to avoid snakes, train a puppy, plan a wedding, do cool things with JavaScript, and how to be Southern.

You can check out my resume here, and my letters of recommendation here and here.